The composition of different elements, the perfect combination of class and elegance, that means style for us. Our automobiles are hand-picked and checked down to the smallest detail with the utmost care and meticulousness. Every vehicle that makes it into our halls is a masterpiece of design and art.


Designing a vehicle starts with a simple drawing, an idea, a sketch. Thousands of hours of development and shaping bring it to completion, but it never loses the playfulness and simplicity of the first sketch.

If you look closely, the cars consist of clean lines that make their appearance unmistakable.


Every automobile that makes it to us has been made with passion and perfection. Among other things, the classic manufacturers attached particular importance to breathing life into the vehicles.

Each of these vehicles has character and has been tested on racetracks around the world by drivers with character that are just as strong. It is precisely this fire with which the vehicles were designed and tested that can still be seen in each of these cars today.


Classic automobiles bring back memories of the past and experiences. It is personal experiences, experiences or nostalgic memories of earlier times that make the vehicles so unique.


When selecting our automobiles, we always pay attention to all the details and work exclusively with experienced and competent collectors, dealers and workshops.

With us, your investment is in safe and trustworthy hands, because care is our top priority.


It doesn't matter whether it's Ferdinand Porsche or Enzo Ferrari, they all had a specific vision of vehicles that was implemented through perfection and craftsmanship. These masterpieces commemorate past achievements, glorious victories and earth-shattering innovations. This special magic that emanates from classic automobiles is unique in the automotive industry and cannot be replaced by a new car.